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Living on SSDI


“I get a monthly SSDI (Social Security Disability Insurance) check of $1576, I don't have any other savings or pension money coming in. How can I best live on this?”
Mary’s Answer
Your question doesn’t include how much your current living expenses are, but your first step should be to set up a workable budget. Use the Budget Builder Tool on the Beehive’s website if you don’t have a program on your home computer.
Subtract your expenses from your income. Refer to past bank and credit card statements so you don’t forget anything such as doctor bills and prescriptions.
If your initial budget doesn’t balance, then you’ll have to make some adjustments. Start tracking every penny you spend and really look at what you’re spending. You’ll be able to pinpoint target areas where you can save.
For instance, if your medication is too expensive, you might ask your physician for samples, switch to generic, or ask your pharmacist for special programs—anything that might reduce this expense. Ask about free services that may be available for low-income families.
This isn’t easy and it will take time, but the peace of mind you gain from being financially independent will be worth it!

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